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cleared again for racing».
What was the impact of the simulator
work on Hunter-Reay's performance?
Can you tell us more about the
secrets of the 2014 Indy 500?
«Ryan Hunter Reay and Andretti
Autosport built their victory in the
months before the race with lots of work
and training. During the practice
sessions, that lead up the race, the
Andretti drivers logged many laps but
not at all times of the day! They only
ran at the times that had weather
conditions similar to the ones they would
have found during the race. At noon,
while the other drivers were resting in
the pits, the Andretti drivers were testing
the draft, the tightest passes, the tire
wear and the hot asphalt. Their secret
was hidden in plain sight and they have
been preparing for the Indy 500 in the
same way for the last 10 years. It's so
evident, but the other teams haven't yet
figured it out!».
Did Hunter-Reay deserve the win?
Yes, he definitely deserved the win, not a
doubt about that. This certainty comes
from the observation of details. How cold
he was in re-starting fully-loaded, with
seven laps to go, after a red-flag period
due to debris on track. Then the pass
with two wheels on the grass with three
laps to go on Castroneves.
A seemingly reckless pass for the public,
but that he ad already tried tens of
times and that he executed without an
What has been the most emotional
moment of the weekend?
«The most emotional moment? The
sunrise at the track, together with my
17-year-old daughter, at 5 AM, while it
was still dark around us. The pagoda was
illuminated like a spaceship in a celestial
sky. The new day was starting and there
were already the strides of a battle that
was ready to go underway. I know that
Homer, one day per year, comes back to
earth to sing the deeds of the modern
heroes of the Indy 500. The race, the
strident dispute, and nothing more».
Ryan Hunter-Reay
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