Fastlane Magazine - page 25

You are Croatian, and you race
with a Slovenian team, Lema
Racing. Do you understand each
“Usually, Slovenian people can
understand Croatian quite well, but not
vice versa, and that might be an issue.
But luckily my Team Manger is very
good with languages, he speak five or
six of them, plus I know English well. I
have a great relationship with him, and
he really helps me learning and to
improve myself every time I go on-track.
In terms of career, I'm not thinking to
now. I want to prepare for the next
steps, and I think to a path running over
the next five or six years. The dream will
be the DTM, or a professional series like
the WTCC. I have to stay on the car as
much as possible, log kilometers and
progress. I focus on myself, while,
regarding my opponents, my only
thought is trying to stay in front of
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