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One of the strongest pillars of the Formula Renault 2.0 ALPS is
the chance to race on a host of tracks that guarantee the drivers
a complete experience. At the end of the season, the drivers will
have been running on Formula 1 venues (Monza, Red Bull Ring
and Spa-Francorchamps) and on other circuits that will enable
them to face the situations that they will encounter during the
rest of their career. Places like Imola, Pau, Mugello and Jerez
enable them to understand difficult corners, up-and-down
sections, off-banking bends and to keep the concentration high
on street course. This provides them with a wide range of
variables that are needed for their professional growth.
After having asked the drivers about Imola, Red Bull Ring and
Spa-Francorchamps in the previous issue, now it's time for
Monza and Mugello. Two gems of motorsport, where memorable
pages of motorsports history have been written. Two circuits that
are different from one another, but that can provide plenty of
breath-taking action. Monza, the true Cathedral of Speed, is
worthy of its fame. The long straights mean very high speeds,
but the chicanes also need some serious braking, and that
braking zone are ideal for overtaking. In addition to that, the
Parabolica and the two Lesmo corners must be approached the
right way to avoid losing time. The Mugello Circuit is considered
one of the world's finest. It's up-and-down flow made more than
one drivers fall in love when the series was back a few years ago
for testing. Its corners require skills and courage and will provide
the young drivers with an unique chance to improve their
experience. Let's hear from their own words as Daniele
Cazzaniga and Matteo Gonfiantini, both among the stars of the
F.Renault ALPS share thoughts on these two world-class tracks.
After having analyzed Imola, the
Red Bull Ring, Pau and
Spa-Francorchamps, we now go get some
more info on the two Italian Cathedrals
of Speeds, Monza and Mugello
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