Fastlane Magazine - page 19

Matteo Gonfiantini (TS Corse) - Mugello
“The most spectacular
track in the world”
“I consider Mugello one of the most spectacular tracks in the world. It's a very fast
circuit, with tough corners and rapid elevation changes. I love it and I consider it very
formative in terms of the driver's growth. Also, it's my home circuit and I have gone
there since I was a kid. The section with the two Arrabbiata corners is incredible, like
Bucine. It's a downhill corner with negative banking that takes you off. You have to
be good to do it properly. But talking just about some corners is reductive. All the
circuit is definitely demanding and exciting. You get a phenomenal feeling lapping
there. In a complete schedule like the Formula Renault ALPS one, Mugello couldn't
be missini. It really rises the series' level".
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