Fastlane Magazine - page 20

Nogues e Ia
With two rounds to go
scheduled at Mugello
and Vallelunga, the gap
between the two
frontrunners is narrow,
just five points. A great
battle is expected
between the Spanish
racer, fielded by the
Rangoni Team and the
Italian Essecorse driver
Five points. This is the gap that
separates championship leader Oscar
Nogues from his main rival in the
chase for the Clio Cup Italia title,
Simone Iacone. Just a handful of
points that came out of the two races
held in Monza and will be in place for
the rest of the summer before team
and drivers will be back on-track again
on the 7th of September at Mugello.
The gap is so tiny that a last gasp to
the finish is expected. The next four
races, at Mugello and Vallelunga, will
provide the winner's name. But
whoever will cruise to title, he will be
putting his skills to test in a sensational
challenge in order to put his name in
the series' roll of honour. This is the
DNA of the Clio Cup Italia, a
championship that delivered
excitement at all levels with hard-
fought races that are usually decided
under the checkered flag. The
exceptional finale that everybody is
expecting will involve two drivers,
Nogues and Iacone, that have all what
it takes, and will do all what it takes, to
take home the crown. And maybe their
fight will be so heated to make some
of their other opponents, who now lay
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