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France, in Nantes, a city with a million
residents which sits in a dynamic economic
networks. And we’re just two hours away
from Le Mans».
Who is the target customer of your
driving courses? How they are scheduled
in detail?
«It’s our oldest activity, started in 1994. Many
of our old graduates are now regulars at the
24 Hours of Le Mans. We develop the skills
of kart drivers and fans and, when they need
it, we integrate them in our endurance racing
team. For our courses, we use Tatuus cars,
mainly the Formula Renault 2.0 and we’re
starting to use the PY012 prototype. In
parallel to that, we started an important
“incentive activity dedicated to companies.
Every year, in a playful atmosphere, we
initiate to driving about 800 people,
managers and supervisors. This kind of
activity enables to shape up a real network of
interest and support towards our race team. I
also want to examine the aspect regarding
road safety. We professionally train about
1200 people in an effort to prevent road
accidents. This is an important contribution
we make to safety and it also prove that we
care for our environment».
Last but not least, can you tell us
something more about your “Sport &
Prestige” program?
«This activity is tied to the Venturi brand,
which produced more than 700 sportscars in
Nantes. When the company shut down, we
hired two passionate technicians and we
have become the #1 specialist of these cars,
the best ever produced in France. For
example the Venturi 400 Gt has a
performance level comparable with the
Ferrari F40. Of course, when a customer
hands us the keys of his Ferrari or Porsche
they are welcome too».
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