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Patrice, the world of endurance is really
fascinating. Can you tell us more about
the experience of Extrême Limite in the
VdeV championship. What are the most
interesting components of this series?
«Extrême Limite has been running in the
VdeV championship since 2005, so it’s been
12 years. At the start, my goal was to
respond to the request of the gentleman
drivers who wanted to have fun taking part
in real endurance events. In this series, you
can get some high‐quality technical skills,
learn the strategy, develop the talent of
young drivers and help the ‘gentleman
drivers’ to progress. All of that with
reasonable costs and with a well‐managed
environment put together by the promoters.
As the years went by, the experience we
gathered enabled us to move to the next
level in 2011, entering the Le Mans Series
and the 24 Hour of Le Mans».
How did the collaboration with Tatuus
start? What are the qualities that you
appreciate the most in the PY 012
«I 2013, we wanted to set up a partnership
with a competent and well‐organized
constructor, so choosing the PY010 was
quite reasonable. As of today, we’re very
satisfied with the car. It’s reliable and will
definitely become the one to beat. In 2014,
we’re still working on the technical
development needed to use the 100% of its
potential. And we’re happy to do it together
with Tatuus, as they have some really high‐
level expertise».
Your team entered the Le Mans Series
and the 24 Hours, can you tell us more
about this extraordinary experience?
«The two years spent at a superior level, in
LMP2, taught us how to be absolutely
dedicated in terms of the approach to all
the elements of racing. When you run on
the same lap times of Audi, Toyota and
Peugeot, you can’t afford to make mistakes
and you have to be up to the trust that is
given to you, especially for the 24 hours of
Le Mans. We’re proud to have completed
this spectacular race in 2011 and 2012, and to
have enabled a young talent, Fabien Rosier,
to win the prestigious Rondeau award for
the best rookie of the race. We also got
good results in the Le Mans Series like the
5th place overall in the 2011 6 Hours of
Estoril… that’s also a fantastic memory».
What are your sporting goals for 2014?
«Our teams fields Léo Roussel who’s the
most competitive driver, and gentleman
racer Jean‐Claude Poirier. We want to
maintain this spirit even though we often
have to face some almost fully‐professional
teams. Our goal is to score podium finishes
in every race and aim for victories, if
possible. We already won the 6 Hours of
Magny‐Cours with them in 2013 and we
really want to get back going. Being among
the top‐5 in the championship is is a
realistic goal. But this series became hyper‐
competitive and the difference between
winning and losing a 6‐hour race is pretty
Lets go a little back in time: how the
Extrême Limite team came to light?
«I also took part in six editions of the 24
Hours of Le Mans and I always dreamed
about putting together an endurance team. It
was written in the company’s DNA. So when
in 2005, a gentleman driver named Philippe
Daric financed our first season in the VDV, I
got all together in a hurry although I don’t
have any regret. And Philippe too
considering that he’s still by our side
together to other very loyal partners. For
them, endurance racing is an exceptional
marketing platform».
What kind of structures can you use for
services to customers and automotive
«We have a private 3.4 kilometer racetrack
that we can use all‐year long to improve the
cars and train our drivers: it’s a key
advantage! Our headquarters are in western
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