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drivers classified in Formula 4, then 4 kart

drivers that are evaluated by us. Among the

activities of the federal school, we use to

evaluate go kart drivers. We have scouts that

go on‐track during the kart events, all the

WSK races and the Italian Championship

ones. It's a program dedicated to the Italian

drivers. We select the best four between the

ages of 15 and 17 and we put them behind the

wheel of a Formula 3. The four kart drivers,

together with the two from single seaters

and six rally drivers, will shape up the pack

that enter the federal super course in

Vallelunga. The program features one day at

the simulator, while in the second one they

drive the Tatuus prototype. In Day 3 and 4

the kart racers drive the Formula 4 cars

while the two coming from Formula 4 use the

Formula 3».

What are the reasons behind the

introduction of the prototype?

«Prototype racing is getting younger and

younger, even though there aren't a lot of

participants in Italy. For the many young

drivers without a budget, it represent a good

alternative. With the development of new

categories, like for example LMP3, many

people can see a possibility in the World

Endurance Championship, where there is a

lot of interest for LMP1 and LMP2. Nowadays,

I see prototypes as something dedicated to

youngsters. In addition to that, it's a

tradition for us to enable drivers to drive

many different types of cars. So it can award

both the quickest and the most complete of

them with single seaters, touring cars and

prototypes. In terms of experience, we offer

them a wider spectrum of experiences

compared to a surely exciting but reductive

Formula 1 ride. There are about 20 cars there,

but many of the most famous drivers are

there because they bring a budget and the

true professionals are less then a half. If a

driver wants to be a professional, the future

is not only with single seaters, but also with

tin tops and prototypes. Porsche is giving a

chance to young drivers, in their single‐make

series there are 18‐year‐old racers and even in

prototypes the drivers are younger each year.

Everybody is understanding that, and many

now consider it as a good choice».

Let's talk from your point of view.

Everybody talks about a crisis for the

Italian drivers. We've been out of

Formula 1 for some years, but is it as it


«There aren't many promising drivers.

Honestly, in the last couple of years we had

more and more trouble in inviting young