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PY012, more innovation

more performance



The success gathered by PY012, the Tatuus

prototype launched in 2012, didn't interrupt

its development. In order to continue

establishing benchmarks in terms of speed,

costs and reliability, the PY012 prototype has

been improved under many aspects,

highlighting the company's trademark

attention to detail.

For example, regarding the aero, the front

and rear wheel arches have been improved.

With the goal was to reduce drag and

improve the overall aero performance, the

center diagonal element of the roll‐bar was

streamlined, improving the aero flow to the

rear wing. More downforce was added to the

front by improving the car's bottom using

Vortex Generators (VGs). From the

mechanical standpoint, a new package was

approved and the engine power supply was

improved thanks to a new exhaust system

and to three different ECU mappings. The oil

radiators' efficiency was optimized, and the

results became really evident in a specific

test session held at the French Le Castellet


The PY012 is even more nimble and safer

while going into the corner and in mid‐

corner situations. The driver has more

confidence while the performance increased

significantly. The top speed on the straights

went up 6‐7 kilometers per hour. Once again,

the Tatuus projects are constantly‐evolving


The Tatuus‐built prototype underwent some interesting and detailed aero,

mechanical and engine upgrades.