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drivers to test for free. There aren't many

exciting names. Some has emerged from our

school though, and from a communication

standpoint they haven't been sold as well as

in other environments. Three drivers

emerged in Formula 4, Drudi, Pulcini and

Russo. I don't want to draw a chart, but these

are the three names to keep an eye on. We

have two or three more karting drivers. In

the last few years, drivers like Fuoco and

Giovinazzi emerged, and even if they

benefitted from budgets coming from Ferrari

or abroad, they made their first steps in

Italian kart racing before going international.

They first drove a car in our school, and they

are currently performing well in the

European Formula 3 championship. There

are also drivers that are lucky enough to have

some backing, but others would deserve

something more and they have to deal with

the crisis instead. There are just a few

resources in Italy at the moment, it

something that it can't be denied».

Do you think that the federal courses are

ok like they are or do you have new ideas

for the future?

«The Federation is tirelessly working to find

new resources to be made available to Italian

young drivers, so they could invest in

formative activities with kart racers. Next

year there will be drivers that now are 14 and

they seem really interesting prospects. From

my point of view, I hope that the same thing

that CSAI is doing for rallying ‐ with the

birth of the Aci Team Italia Rally, a national

team ‐ will be done for road racing too.

We're already trying to figure out how to

start a project like this, and how many

drivers can be involved. If something similar

can take place, with the right amount of

resources, the school would be able to play a

key role in the future projects' management".

Raffaele Giammaria

with Pirelli’s

Terenzio Testoni