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Raffaele Giammaria, how did your

relationship with Tatuus start? What kind

of cars do u use?

«The deal started in 2010 when the Formula

Abarth first came out. In the deal between

Tatuus and ACI CSAI there was a type of

extended loan that committed the

manufacturer to provide two Formula Abarth

racers, the ones I used to develop the car.

From that point on, a wider collaboration has

started, involving the use of their cars for our

federal courses, the super course and for all

the activities of the Ferrari Driver Academy.

Considering the great results delivered by

that partnership, we extended the deal to the

management of all the non‐Tatuus cars.

Although they are not built by Tatuus, the

school's Formula 3 cars are managed by them

because we felt that their technicians were

extremely high‐level and we preferred to

have only one company to manage the whole

fleet. Today we don't use Formula Abarth

Cars anymore, as they were replaced by

Formula 4. We developed it and we give our

drivers a chance to drive it».

What are the advantages of using the

Formula 4 in a learning environment?

«Let's start from the premise that the level of

difficulty of every car that go out of the pits

went down. You brake with the left foot,

there isn't the need to use the clutch

anymore, you have paddle shifters, and the

aero efficiency of the cars increased. This

isn't actually the case of Formula 4 because

the FIA wanted a very simple rulebook and

the cornering speeds went up. Regarding the

target users, which in this case are our

school's freshmen, the care are easier to drive

today. The advantage of partnering with

Tatuus is to always have "fresh" and modern

cars. For example, we have all the evolution

steps of the car, and this is something that

you only get by establishing a direct

relationship with the manufacturer.

Compared to a normal school that buys a car

and then uses it for two or three years

without upgrades, the advantage is


Were you also convinced by the

management ability of Tatuus?

«Of course. We can count on Corrado

Casiraghi, the engineer who designed

all the cars, who is always there at our

federal courses together with Luca Nispoli.

The new addition for the federal super

course we held in November was the use of

the Tatuus prototype, a car that I developed

in 2012. We have a family‐like relationship

with Tatuus, but at the same time

I'm involved in a close and personal fashion

as I christened all these cars: Formula

Abarth, Prototype and Formula 4».

There will be more courses with

the prototype?

«At this moment we began with the federal

super course which is a prize for the best

Italian drivers who showcased their skills

during 2014. We have a double category: the

"Auto" class for the first and second Italian

Andrea Piccini

and Andrea Russo

Raffaele Giammaria

and Giancarlo Minardi

together with

Cristiano Del Balzo

By Stefano Semeraro