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You upgraded your headquarters in

Forlì recently, and now they are

much larger and divided in three?

With one area for each series, has it

been a good choice?

«The improvement had already been

decided in 2007, when we bought the

place. It's something we had to do. The

point was, staying where we were to

survive or invest, pour some resources

in and grow up. Now it's working. They

say, you grow up or you shut down».

After having raced in the ALPS

series, this season you chose the

NEC championship. What are the

main differences? Will you be back

in ALPS?

«We haven't found many differences.

The choice to join the NEC was due to

our sponsors and drivers. Even though

we didn't like some aspect, would have

also liked to stay in ALPS. On the other

hand, the NEC scheduled included five

F.1 track which was a great element».

What are your plans for 2015?

«We are still talking with our investors,

drivers and sponsors. I think that by

the middle of December we will

know which path to take for the next

three years, whether it will be

continuing in categories where we

already are, or start new endeavours.

For example, we are talking with

some car manufacturers for projects

regarding tin top racing and we are

currently dealing with them».

You talked about tin tops, would

you suggest prototypes and

endurance races to a youngster

aiming to become a professional


«Endurance racing definitely

provides good opportunities for a

career, because it has much lower

budgets compared to Formula 1 and

there are many manufacturers

involved. If a young driver can count

on a sponsor supporting him for a

couple of years and show what he or

she can do, there is a chance to

become a factory driver and

continue as a paid racer for many


Sospiri (left)

and Fontana