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By Stefano Semeraro

Sospiri, the F.4 Italia championship took‐off

this year and you immediately joined. What

has been your first impression and what do

you think of it? There will be a future in


«Formula 4 went well for everybody. The car is

really good, well‐suited to teach the young guys,

and it's very precise going into the corners. The

tires are great too, with a good peak and then a

long‐lasting performance. Congrats to Pirelli, but

more than that to Gianfranco De Bellis e Artico

Sandonà, because they put together a

phenomenal car in a little amount of time».

Tatuus is the largest manufacturer

of single seater cars for the developmental

championships. Euronova has a good

relationship with them between

Formula Renault, the now‐defunct

Formula Abarth and Formula 4....

«We started collaborating with Tatuus in

2001/2002 with the F.Renault 2.0. Their strength

is in the professionalism and intelligence they

put in everything they do, and in the

communication they are able to establish with

teams. They offer an extremely high professional

level, they are number 1!»

Do you think that the Tatuus cars, F.Renault

and F.4 can be improved further or they are

ok just the way they are?

«The F.4 is already at a great level. The only

thing I feel I can suggest was might be to leave

even more freedom to the team in using more

components and settings, for example for bump‐

stops, but we can say that the car is perfect just

the way it is. It's studied for the 15 year olds but

it can teach something also to a guy who is 18 or

20. Regarding the F.Renault, the Tatuus kit has

been a giant step. Simply, now it's a car, and it

wasn't before. I don't see many possible

improvements. Unfortunately, the FIA rules

make it a little stocky and heavy. The Abarth was

a real racecar, with the right weights, but it

didn't comply to the FIA requisites».

Euronova has been committed on three

different fronts, Auto GP, F.Renault NEC and

F.4 Italia for quite some time. What does

that mean in terms of logistics and


«We have been running in three different

championships since three or four years. It's

hard, not difficult though because I can count on

some great guys, exceptional engineers, Gianluca

Gradazzi that takes care of many aspects and my

wife who manages the logistics. So we can split

the three teams and still give our 100%.

Considering that we have always been among

the top two or three teams in all the

championships, I think we deserve some credit».