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Northern Star

Afa Heikkinen is a key presence among the

paddocks of all Europe. The Finn is the

Team Manager of Koiranen GP which

he co‐founded together with Marko and

Hari Koiranen. Also, he's looking forward to

an huge new challenge. Northern European

F.4 series, promoted in a partnership

between Koiranen and SMP, will run next

year between Finland and Russia.

A top new addition to the European


How the idea of this new northern

Formula 4 series started?

«We were working on a different project

with our Russian partners two years ago.

Later, the FIA got informed about this

project and asked to visit them in Geneve.

They gave us all the information about F4

and that was the starting point for it».

Do you think this new series and car can

become a benchmark for the northern


«That's definitely the target we are aiming

for but of course that requires a lot

of work. Eventually, we believe that it

will be the case. We'll have to get used

to it and learn but at the same time we

know Tatuus and they are reliable.

The car has been running for one season

in Italy and it was very successful.

I saw it and I think it's really good, ideal

for people coming out of karting».

Have you been able to watch some races

of the Italian F.4 Championship?

What do you think about it?

«I think it's been a great first year

for Formula 4. The Italian one is the

first championship that have been r

unning and I think it's quite

impressive how they managed to turn it in

such a success».

How is your relationship with Tatuus?

«We have a very good relationship. We've been

running with Tatuus in Formula Renault since

2002 so we've been knowing them for more

than 10 years. They are great partners and

produce some very reliable products. In

addition to that, there's nice people in the

company so we hope to keep on with the job».

It's been a very successful year, can you

make a point out of it?

«It's not been a bad year for sure, but it has

also been demanding. Of course, that is what

we expected when we built this championship

project. It has taken a lot of effort from the

team but I'm quite satisfied with how the

things went so far».

Will the new championship have an impact

on how the Koiranen team is organized?

«There will be all new people.

Our racing teams will stay as they are, and the

new project will be organized in a completely

different way. The series will also be based in

Estonia, a little far away from the Koiranen

headquarters in Barcelona and we'll always stay

like this».

Can you already identify some of the best

talents from the north?

«It's very difficult to see that. To judge, we'll be

using the new platform we are setting up and

we hope to find plenty of new talents from

there. Usually they don't have so much

motorsports culture and heritage in Russia like

in Italy or south Europe. So they don't get the

same chances. We have to create the culture

there and more talents will emerge».

Do you currently have any driver signed?

Did you already order the cars?

«We already signed quite many drivers. We

have more than 10 drivers that will be coming

to the championship already although we will

announce the names later. We are confident

we will have more than 20 cars and we already

ordered 26 of them...».




The Northern European F.4 series will be an interesting new addition

to Europe's open‐wheel racing offer, organized by Koiranen GP.

Team Manager Afa Heikkinen tells us more about it

Afa Heikkinen