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The FT50 is the new Tatuus car designed for the upcoming edition

of the Toyota Racing Series. A championship running... at the other

side of the world and experiencing a successful run in New

Zealand. The FT50 represents an additional step forward compared

to the already good FT40 and Nick Cassidy, one of the test‐drivers

selected by the Kiwi promoter, agreed to that after testing it on‐

track at Adria. «Exiting from the pits and complete a full day of

testing without the slightest issue was impressive already, it's

something that doesn't happen often. I was also positively

impressed by the handling». The FT50 is fitted with a ZZ‐GE 1.8‐

litre Toyota engine and, as explained by chief engineer Corrado

Casiraghi, features many new innovations starting from a new

electro‐actuated gearbox to an improved aero compartment

designed from a blank sheet of paper, and complies with the latest

safety standards.

Two‐time TRS champion Daniel Gaunt also tested the car in New

Zealand and was pretty excited: «I have great memories of the

FT40 but now I'm convinced that I'm 10 years too old! The FT50 is

much more aero‐efficient, the brakes are phenomenal and it has

superb handling. In addition to that, the Italian designers are very

committed to their job and everything in this car, the wings, the

body, the bottom, has an Italian look». A welcomed compliment

and that aims at familiarizing the "down under" drivers with what

they will drive in the rest of their careers. But not only them are

targeted. «This car is much more representative to what the drivers

New Zealand will drive in Europe, the 2015 TRS will be very useful

under this aspect. And being able to drive it also represent an

advantage also for the drivers that will go back and forth between

the two hemispheres during the winter». In other words, the FT50

is already the queen of two worlds.