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“With Tatuus

for a bright future in UK”

How did you choose to manage

Formula 4 in Great Britain?

«We launched F4 in Britain in September

2012 with our BRDC F4 championship.

There was a big gap in the UK market for

an affordable junior single seater

championship, so we filled it, using a new

car built by Ralph Firman’s RFR company.

Now we are upgrading from our current

spaceframe car to a carbon fibre car

complying with the FIA F4 safety criteria

for our 2015 Winter Series and 2016 main


Do you really think the new series

together with this new car can

contribute to wipe out the category

confusion now reigning over


«Partly! In the UK it is interesting

because in 2015 we will have two

championships at a similar level – our

BRDC F4 championship and the new MSA

Formula championship, using the Mygale

F4 car. I believe our MSV championship,

with the Tatuus chassis, will be more

successful in 2016».

Don’t you think engines now

equipping the car could have been

more in number to better test young


«I do think that 160 bhp is not really

enough for most young racing drivers,

though I also think 15 year olds should not

be racing single seaters. There is no need

to encourage drivers so young to move to

single seaters at 15. The previous

minimum age of 16 was much better».

What will be the impression of British

race world about F.4?

«Our BRDC F4 championship in the UK

has been extremely successful and we

intend for this to continue when we

introduce the new Tatuus car».

Could you follow Italian Formula 4

Championship? What do you think


«Italian F4 has clearly been very

successful in its first year, and

compliments to Tatuus and Abarth and

the promoter. It might be a little harder

as other European F4 championships

launch in 2016».

How did the relationship with

Tatuus begin? Why did you choose the

Italian chassis?

«We came to see the Tatuus factory

and had a meeting with Gianfranco

De Bellis. We thought the F4 car was very

nice and had complete confidence in

Gianfranco and his team. Tatuus have a

fantastic history and reputation,

particularly with the F Renault cars, and

we look forward to a long and successful


Which drivers have signed with you?

How many cars have you ordered?

«We have got 23 contracted orders for

cars now and have ordered 26 cars, with

an option for 4 more».

An interview with Jonathan Palmer, promoter of the renewed british F.4 series

that starting from 2016 will use italian chassis

Jonathan Palmer