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F.4, an international


After a successful opening season in Italy

last year, the new concept, launched and

promoted by the FIA, spreaded throughout

Europe in 2015. Many of its young stars are

now graduating towards the upper series of

the developmental racing ladder. And most

of the success relies on the Tatuus‐built cars

by Massimo Costa

After a ‘test’ season in 2014, with only one

FIA‐sanctioned Formula 4 championship

taking place in Italy, 2015 highlighted the

success of the brand‐new F.4 concept.

Last year, it was all about experimenting. But

while only one FIA‐sanctioned Formula 4

championship took place in Italy, for Tatuus,

who provided the cars for this new adventure,

it was an instant success. Almost no

mechanical issues, excellent performance and

lots of attention from the rest of the world.

The test was passed with flying colors.

In 2015, the concept was taken to the next

level. In addition to the Italian series, the

season featured the maiden runs of the

German ADAC Championship and SMP F.4

NEZ, North East Zone. There were an average

of 25 cars on‐track in Italy, 45 in Germany and

14 in the SMP‐operated championship.