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How did your relationship with Tatuus start?

Which projects are you sharing?

«Our relationship with Tatuus dates back to the

early nineties when they were still a renowned

Formula 3 team. Their cars were fitted with AIM

data acquisition systems. With the passing of

time and with the arrival of the FR2000 car

which was exclusively produced by Tatuus for

Renault Sport, AIM was chosen as a supplier of

data acquisition systems for those cars. Thanks to

the experience made in the series, AIM was able

to improve and develop new systems that were a

better fit for open‐wheel racing. One thing led to

another, and we are still together. Our current

relationship with Tatuus was strengthened by the

arrival of the new Formula 4 category. The cars

are fitted with AIM data acquisition and camera

car systems».

What is the importance of data acquisition

and transmission in modern motorsport?

«In the last 15 years we witnessed an exponential

growth in terms of the interest, and of course

use, of data acquisition systems in all the areas of

motorsports, from karting and mini‐bikes to the

developmental and major categories. At

professional level, it is currently not possible to

avoid using those instruments because they are

the key to evaluate the vehicle’s set‐up and the

professional improvement of the drivers,

especially the younger ones. Also, this business

has reached significant diffusion in amateur

motorsport especially with some less

sophisticated applications».

What is your role in terms of coaching young

drivers? Are there any instruments dedicated

to that task?

«In terms of the professional development of

young and also already‐successful drivers, people

don’t only rely on traditional data acquisition

systems. There are brand‐new onboard camera

systems which AIM as a specific ability to design.

They pair the video with several parameters that

appear on overlay. It enables a quicker

understanding and more ease of use. The driver

is able to re‐live his performance in retrospect

just by looking at a computer screen».

What is the state‐of‐the‐art of the

technology? Which products are used in

Formula 4?

«It’s really important to consider the the

electronic components are more and more

sophisticated nowadays. They allow us to

produce instruments with better performance

while progressively reducing the dimensions.

Today’s Formula 4 engines are equipped with our

EVO4 acquisition systems, featuring a GPS

module and the SmartyCam‐GP‐HD cameras”.