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by Stefano Semeraro

What is AIM’s core business?

«AIM produces electronic visualization and data

acquisition instruments for motorsports in a

broad sense. The most frequent applications are

in the auto and motorbike industry, but the

company also has a significant presence in

karting and powerboating».

When AIM was started? How is it structured

and with how many employees?

«AIM was founded in the seventies, and focused

on designing control systems for industrial

processes which were based on internally‐

developed hardware and software. In 1992, a new

area was started, with the goal of providing data

acquisition systems for motorsports.

In the end, it eventually became the sole

focus of the company. At that time, the

“data acquisition” concept hadn’t yet been taken

into consideration by all the potential customers,

so AIM contributed to spread the culture and

boost the diffusion of this kind of instruments.

And if we made it, it was because

of a great balance between affordable

prices and high performance. AIM has 52

employees, 14 of them are design engineers and

27 are production technicians. Then we have two

marketing people, two salespeople, five

administrative employees and two purchase


What are your hottest markets? And who are

your key partners?

«AIM exports the 95% of its production and,

thanks to local partners, distributes its products

in all the key markets. First of all,

North America, and then Germany,

Great Britain, France, Spain, Scandinavia,

Japan and Australia. We also experienced a

strong growth in terms of revenue from the

countries where motorsport is emerging like

Russia and China. In addition to the many

“regular” deals, we started significant

partnerships with the world’s most important

manufacturers including Audi, Fiat Abarth, Seat

motorsport , Ferrari, Tatuus, Radical, Ford

Racing, Yoshimura».