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by Stefano Semeraro

The new challenge for Tatuus in prototype competition will

be a… French beauty. Namely, the Norma M30, an LMP3

car set to be on‐track in 2017 to battle with Ligier, Ginetta,

Adess and Ave‐Riley. It is an exciting project which started

with a cooperation request from Norbert Santos, who

manages the French company and contacted Tatuus for a

joint effort aimed at producing a fully‐competitive car to

take on the new ACO class at international level. «It is a

really important commitment for us», confirmed

Gianfranco De Bellis. «First, because we are immensely

delighted that it was another manufacturer to contact us.

And second, because we underwent the design study with

the utmost commitment and attention to detail». From the

CFD design to the mechanical parts and, «Even more

important, the aero side, on which we went for some deep

research. We have been working on this project for more

than one year and we’re really satisfied with how clean the

lines are». As traditionally happens with all Tatuus cars, the

M30 joins performance and functionality (especially in

terms of cockpit comfort and visibility) with state‐of‐the‐

art safety. It is currently the only LMP3 car that respects

the 2017 LMP1/LMP2 rules, and the Norma WT chassis

provides absolute protection thanks to a strengthened

driving cell. The M30 was informally showed to

motorsports insiders during the Formula 1 GP weekend at

Austin, and will be launched in the next few weeks. «We

already got in touch with several American customers»,

explained Norbert Santos, «And we prepared the car really

early to give every owner the chance to put get good

mileage down before the start of the new season». Among

European teams, TDS Racing already announced they will

field the new car».