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It is really a full‐scale commitment. Can

you provide some numbers? How many

people is employed?

«Today Sadev employs 250 people and we

deliver 1500 transmissions every year. Every

single product is built in our 6000‐square

meter facility. We also have 16 commercial

representatives around the globe».

What are your most innovative


«Every product is designed in our R&D

department which consists of 12 people

and uses highly‐sophisticated tools like the

Finite Element Calculation type software.

The rest of the production process happens

in the factory. In addition of standard

steel manufacturing like turning

and milling we do our own heat treatment,

gear cutting and grinding on top level CNC

machines. Also we do electron beam

welding, drilling, polishing, shot penning.

Our transmissions are eventually assembled

and tested by our technical staff, 14 people

in total».

When and how your collaboration with

Tatuus start?

«It started with the Formula Renault 2000

project. And from that point on we worked

together on all their key projects including

Formula Abarth, Formula Renault 2.0,

Formula Masters and Formula 4».

What is the most positive aspect in you


«We like how Tatuus works. They are

similar to us. Customer satisfaction is our

number one priority and to achieve that we

must provide the best overall package.

That means to deliver products that are safe,

reliable, efficient performance‐wise

at a reasonable cost. Our collaboration is

based on mutual trust and respect.

That means we can provide the customer

with high‐quality products.

Which other services do you provide to

the customers?

«Basically we take care of everything that

can help the customers to take the 100

percent of our products.

That includes technical advice, assistance,

and stock monitoring so we are sure we can

deliver the spare parts quickly, in time for

the next race».

What is your most important challenge

in terms of the future?

«For Sadev, the challenge is always the same.

Aim for the best service and leave customers