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Corrado Casiraghi is the engineer

who headed the new car's project,

following it from its very early

stages to the first laps on‐track in

testing. Let's discover with him the

main characteristics of the new

FT50, which marks a consistent

step forward in terms of safety and


Can you explain what are the

most important innovations on

the FT50?

«The FT50 has been conceived to

be a natural evolution of the 10‐

year running FT40 project. The

indications by Toyota were focused

on a slight performance increase

and on the compliance to the most

recent safety rules. The project's

step forward was significant. The

FT50 now relies on a two‐damper

front suspension, a last‐generation

Brembo braking system with

monolithic calipers, a lighter and

more compact gearbox in addition

to a much more developed and

efficient aerodynamic

configuration. One of the most

interesting addition was the semi‐

automatic gearbox that required an

integration between the Magneti

Marelli EGA and the Toyota engine

control unit».

What were the indications you

got from testing. How the first

feedback from the drivers was?

What did the Toyota reps say?

«From the driving and

performance point of view, the

feedback was good since the first

test. A comparison test with the

old FT40 was also organized, and it

provided many good indications

that the newcomer's successful

debut. Toyota appreciated the

quality of the produce, the quick

development times and how the

systems were integrated».

When you will deliver

the cars?

«The cars have already been

delivered between September and

October. For logistic reason, the

cars are shipped semi‐assembled,

, downforce

Corrado Casiraghi:

“An ideal instrument

to make experience”