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race as a youngster so he started late but he

achieved good results. Last year, for example,

he won his class in the Italian GT

Championship. In 2015, we thought that

having his son with us could be an investment.

So we... parked daddy, who still races

occasionally but is now mainly focused in

managing his son. It's a great family of honest

and passionate people».

What are the most important steps in the

history of Antonelli Motorsport?

«I started off as a driver but I didn't have any

budget, so I decided to chose a role that would

enable me to do what I love. In 1993 I made

myself available to customers through

Antonelli Motorsport and since then we did a

little bit of everything, won some

championship and cruised to 250 podium

finished. The most important moments were

the wins in touring car racing at the beginning,

with some smaller cars that gave us lots of

satisfactions. From 2001 onward we made great

steps, for example building an own super‐

production car to battle with the

manufacturer‐supported teams. We won races

and got many great results. Then we moved to

single‐make racing with the Alfa 147 Cup,