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by Stefano Semeraro

Marco Antonelli, how the idea to enter

Formula 4 came?

«The idea came because I've always loved to

work with young people. I like to share my

experience and I would have liked to do it in

the past too. I was fascinated by the idea of

working in open‐wheel racing and I saw

Formula 4 as something more suitable for a

team like Antonelli Motorsport that do not

have any single seater experience. It felt like a

fair compromise between the technical level

and the chance of getting good results straight


What has been the feedback so far?

«I can say that I'm convinced I made one of

the best choices of my professional career. And

it was also a great satisfaction to be able to

say... I was right. On my side, the feedback is

really positive, the series is growing. We all

need to be good a focused in not losing touch

with the situation and keep the costs down.

Teams must understand that the budgets

nowadays get covered by high numbers, non

by a single element who is asked for amounts

of money that are not justifiable anymore.

Other championships grew up impressively

but also died pretty fast in the past. Formula 4

must last long, and teams have the

responsibility. It's always better safe than

sorry. As Antonelli Motorsport we are

committed in keeping the prices very close to

the standard set early by the FIA, while trying

to offer good quality. We are getting good

results and, if you work in the right direction

at reasonable prices, other people might be

attracted to the series».

Can you tell us more about your

relationship with Tatuus?

«The relationship started in a very relaxed way.

We were greeted in a fabulous way like if we

were long‐time customers. Their strongest

ability is to manage the customers by

providing there with all they need. That's a

very important aspect for teams. Concerning

Formula 4, Antonelli Motorsport was the first

customer to order two cars. I think they were

happy about that, because seeing a tin‐top

running team be the first to line‐up for a new

adventure gave a boost to the operations. It

showed that this was an outright winning


Are there any challenges in running in GT

and open‐wheel racing?

«None in particular. We have different

operations for every championship we take

part in, and each of them is autonomous and

able to manage itself. My goal is also to offer a

chance to some talented youngsters that, after

a couple of years of constant learning and

improvement in single seaters, don't have the

needed budget to continue. So they start

looking to GT racing. The perfect example is

Matteo Cairoli. Last year I fielded him in the

Carrera Cup, then won the series. He's a

Porsche factory driver now».

You also field the Galbiati father‐son duo...

«The father started his career with me, and

he's the classic gentleman driver with a great

passion for motor racing. He couldn't afford to

Joao Vieira