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Single seaters, endurance, GT. Do different

needs result in different approaches?

«Generally, single seaters are equipped with

systems that include a data acquisition control unit

(that can be fitted in the cockpit) which is

connected to a fully integrated steering wheel with

internal alarm lights and displays.

That’s because there are no traditional dashboards

anymore. On GT, touring car or rally vehicles, we

continue using integrated solutions including

digital dashboards of different shapes and

characteristics, paired by integrated data

acquisition systems. AIM has a wide range of

products for these applications».

Has there been a transfer from racing to

automotive production?

«Motor racing has always been a proving ground in

terms of experimenting with new technical

solutions that are then transferred to the

automotive production. AIM is not specifically

involved in providing instruments for road cars. On

the other hand, our company provides dashboards

with integrated data acquisition and camera

systems as complements aimed at enhancing

special series of highly‐prestigious road vehicles».

What is the role of design in the production of

race displays?

«The overall design of the instrument is important,

of course, but the attention of the designer is

focused on finding bright and sharp displays, often

in colour, with adequate graphics and where the

values are easy and quick to read».