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with Tatuus

is essential

to growth»

Federico 'Jerry' Canevisio, together with Giorgio

Testa, is the true heart and soul of Oregon Team.

The Italian squad will take part in the 2017 ELMS

with the Norma M30. We talked with him after

preseason testing in Monza and before their race


«We sought a long‐term program, minimum two

years, and we won't hide the truth. We want to

win races and championship titles. One year will

serve as a training ground, the second to go for

the win. This is our first season so we are ready to

face every circumstance, we know the issues that

might arise. There is still a relationship with the

manufacturer to focus on, but 20 days more or

less on the schedule are certainly not making a

difference today».

How did the Monza testing go?

«We did not face a single technical issue so we

are extremely satisfied. Many solutions were

tested and the outcome was really positive. Sure

we would have preferred to do some additional

laps. Let's say we will still be inexperienced at our

first race. For us it will be a long distance test.

Hoping it won't rain.”

Why did you choose Norma?

«We chose the Norma M30 mainly because

Tatuus was behind it. The opportunity to

collaborate closely with the enginering company

that designed and marketed it will make us grow

up quickly, we're sure. I really thank the men

from Concorezzo and I'm sure we are going to

have some great satisfactions. It's still early to

appreciate its advantages. The car started well as

a baseline and everybody agreed on that. Only

one test is still too early to understand it deply.

This is the goal we have for the round in the


You will have a line‐up including Andrea Roda,

Andrés Méndéz and Dario Capitanio: what are

the expectations?

«We have a very well‐sorted trio. There aren't

famous names but it's the right way to go at the

first year in a new series for us, with many

variables to test. We rely on one of the quickest

bronze driver available on the market and two

reliable and consistent silvers. It's an adequate

choice considering the goals we have set for 2017,

in a season aimed at making experience».

Federico 'Jerry' Canevisio