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What is the current structure of your business? What are the

main fields of activity? What are the skills on offer to drivers,

teams, factories working in motorsports?

«LCA is a dynamic and internationally oriented environment. It is

specialized in legal assistance to businesses and is located in Italy, in

Milan (headquarters), Genoa and Treviso (in the H‐Farm), and in the

UAE in Dubai. We are a multipractice office offering a wide spectrum

of services. LCA basically assists businesses. And the auto factories are

businesses. The team are structured as companies. The drivers are real

companies with even respectable budgets. The main actors in

motorsports are an ideal target for structured operations like we are.

Our company law department follow factories and teams from start to

finish, not only relating to extraordinary operations, like the change of

ownership of Tatuus, but also to day‐by‐day operations, from the

distribution of cars to the relationship with suppliers and customers,

the management of all the legal corporate matters. Our intellectual

property department has a lot of experience in setting up sponsorship

and image rights contracts for drivers and other celebrities. It

manages brand portfolios of sportsmen and companies, even outside

motorsports, and protects inventions and innovations from the

factories and teams, copywriting the technical solutions used. Of

course, in a world dominated by media, we also deal with TV rights

and our labour law department have been managing driver

contracts for years now. Also, our litigation department focuses

on sports‐related controversies and has substantial experience

in the matter».

Can you explain what the funds that have become so

important in Motorsport are, and how they do


«If we have to simplify, private equity funds collect

capitals from private citizens and institutional investors

(banks, foundations and insurance companies) and

invests in unlisted companies with high margin of

growth. The goal of this kind of fund is to partner the

target company in a growth plan before selling it with a

profit or listing it on the stock market».

Have you followed the recent acquisition of Formula 1

by Liberty Media Group? How many parties are

involved in such a deal?

«Certainly it has been one of the most important operations

of the last few years in sports business with an enterprise

value of 8 billion dollars and and equity value of 4.4 billion

dollars. The main parties in this kind of talks are obviously

the buying fund, the sellers and their financial and legal


Let's imagine an ipothetical contract between a driver and a

team. Where do you start from, what are the conditions to get

sorted, what are the tricks?

«The tricks vary according to the assisted party. If you assist the team

you will try to “exploit” the driver as much as you can with the less

possible warranties. When you assist the driver you try to get as many

concessions as you can not only in terms of money, but also in terms

of safeguards. The main matters approached are the duration of the

deal and the salary, the prizes for results (podiums or championships)

the image rights for both the team and driver, sponsorships,

merchandising, insurance, the cost for the driver's assistants. Then

you go into some apparently insignificant details that are indeed

pretty important like the ownership of the trophies, the type of space

dedicated to the driver in the paddock, the number of passes that the

driver can give out to partners and sponsors».

You also operate in Dubai. How did this connection start and

how did you learn Arabic? Is the Middle East an interesting

market for motorsports?

«My interest towards the Middle East started with a simple experience

that turned into a professional occasion. As a kid I lived for nine years

in Tunisia. In 2016, seeing that the interest of clients towards the

middle east was growing, LCA decided to establish a base in

Dubai, which is the main hub of the whole area. It is a bridge

between east and west. Certainly, the Middle East is a key

market for motorsports and for the automotive world in general.

Big part of the luxury cars sold around the world are in that area

and that two Formula 1 grand prix r are held there

(Bahrain, Abu Dhabi). Plus, Ferrari launched its own

theme park which was since awarded the Middle East's

Leading Tourist Attraction prize at the 2015 and 2016

World Travel Awards, and there is an Arabian Formula 4

series running since 2016. All of that, together, clearly

shows how interesting the area can be for motorsports

and for autos as well”.

Stefano Semeraro