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Can you describe us the major steps and the

timing of the agreement between Tatuus and

Wise SGR that you followed for the Italian


«The operation started just about a year ago thanks

to the financial advisor of the Tatuus shareholders,

DVR Capital. They put them in contact with Wise

SGR. Wise, represented by Fabrizio Medea, quickly

showed interest for Tatuus due to their great

performance levels, the prospects of growth and the

peculiarities of the business. The operation

articulated in several phases. After a first

manifestation of interest by Wise, the latter

performed due diligence on the companies. At the

same time, the lawyers started working on the two

contracts which were signed on February 15th, 2017.

The closing, meaning the transfer of the controlling

stake happened on March 16th, 2017.