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Talking about the Toyota Racing Series.
What is the state of the art of this
championship and how pivotal it did
become to promote New Zealand in the
world motorsport panorama?
«TRS helped the young drivers from New
Zealand to get some experienced on a racecar
built with the same philosophy as in Europe.
In addition to that, enables drivers from other
countries to race during the northern winter.
We held onto offering an high‐level
championship aimed at enabling young racers
to improve themselves. TRS is not based on
car design. We can count on a great car by
Tatuus which is also reliable so the drivers
can take full advantage of every single lap
they do ‐ of course if they don't crash. The
TRS is an important step for their
professional path and they know they will
grow up for sure here. Many of them have to
fly for 24 hours to get here and when they
arrive, they have to make it on their own in a
beautiful and fascinating country. Some of
them never had to wash their own clothes,
and many details here in the TRS provide
them with an unique life experience. In New
Zealand they can also experiment things like
skydiving, bungee jumping and all the
extreme sports that are popular here, all of
that while enjoying the beautiful landscapes
of this Nation».
Can you name some of the most famous
drivers that have raced in the TRS?
«Just to name a few of them, Brandon
Hartley, Mitch Evans, Richie Stanaway, Earl
Bamber, Nick Cassidy and Chris Van der
Let's talk about the 10‐year relationship
with Tatuus. The sporting partnership is
boldened by a great chemistry off the
circuits, isn't it?
«The relationship with Tatuus has been key
for both Toyota New Zealand and for
ourselves. They built an extremely good
racecar and a reliable one in terms of
management and maintenance. Another very
important element, it's a really safe and
robust car. We received proposals from other
FT50, here’s the new Tatuus for the 2015 TRS
The new Tatuus for the 2015 Toyota Racing
Series is called FT50. The car replaces the FT40
and celebrates the start of the second decade
for the New Zealand‐based series. It was
officially showcased by Toyota at the TSR
awards in Palmerston North, in the Northern
Island of the country. The teams and drivers
immediately showed their appreciation
highlighting the successful collaboration
between TRS and Tatuus, a relationship that
already came to fruition in the last 10 years.
«We are extremely happy for this new
agreement ‐ told Gianfranco De Bellis, one of
the owners of Tatuus ‐ it is great when such an
important manufacturer renews its trust after
10 years together». The new “kiwi” Tatuus
respects the latest FIA Formula 3 standards
with protections at the sides of the cockpit to
retain the driver’s helmet
paired with a removable
seat and a reinforced
chassis with crash
structures at the
front and at the
The design features a long nose at the front,
widened suspensions, double front dampers
and a six‐speed sequential Sadev gearbox. The
engine will be the same of the F40, the reliable
Toyota 1.8‐liter unit developed in New Zealand
for the TRS and powered by Ethanol. The first
tests are scheduled in April and May with the
production starting in 2014. «The FT50
represents an exciting opportunity for the
young drivers from New Zealand, as well as for
racers from all over the world who want to
race here ‐ told the series’ manager Barry
Thomlinson ‐ the car includes all the
latest designs and technology and that
puts us on par with the world’s top
developmental championships.
Toyota also proved quite
satisfied with the
new car is a signal of Toyota’s commitment
towards the motorsports development in New
Zealand. A driver coming out of the TRS is
ready to race in F.1, at Le Mans, and in all the
world’s top championships».
Toyota Racing Management staff
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