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OMP is the face of the successful "made in

Italy" movement. What is the secret?

«It's all about research and innovation. It never

stops, you always have to be ready and active,

search for new products and technology, study

new solutions. In motorsport you cannot slow

down, especially in a global environment. Speed is

not only in cars, but also in our minds and


What are the main markets for your


«We have 82 drivers covered on the map, with the

larger numbers being in Europe and USA where

motorsport is more developed. On the other hand

we also look towards the emerging markets,

Australia and Japan, where we have double digits

margin of growth every year. Motorsport is

becoming more and more important there».

Can you provide us some numbers to identify

the success of OMP?

«The total revenue has surpasses 21 million euros

including the USA division, OMP America,

located in the new Miami headquarters. The

company has 90 people in total».

Innovation is also made with important

collaborations and with the ability to reinvent

the past. How did you come up with the idea

of the Ayrton Senna replica suits?

«It's the result of a wonderful partnership with

the Ayrton Senna Institute, the foundation

created by the Brazilian champion's sister to

provide help to the children living in the

Brazilian favelas. Last year, during the twenty

year anniversary event after the Imola tragedy,

the Institute contacted us for some help in

celebrating the occurrence. So we came up with

the idea of creating a replica of Ayrton's suit, in

this case the one used in 1991 at Suzuka, using

the technology of the time. We created 41 suits,

all of them numbered and framed. One for each

win by Senna in Formula 1».

What is the state of the art in this field?

What are the most advanced materials and

new technologies?

«As I said before, the motorsport world require

an absolute attention to detail an lots of

sensibility towards change. Out technicians are

working on two absolutely new materials but we

prefer to be pretty secretive about them at the

moment. Recently, OMP launched a brand‐new

material called Dyneema, for which we have the

exclusive rights in motorsport. It's a synthetic

fiber, tough as steel and with a better

weight/performance ratio than carbon fiber. We

use it for the safety harness that, since this

season, are fitted on all the cars from the

Formula 1 top teams».

How did your relationship with Tatuus start?

«We are particularly proud of our collaboration,

especially because Tatuus is a proudly Italian

brand like ours. Having OMP safety harness, fire

extinguishers and seats in all the Formula and


will never stop

Paolo Delprato is the CEO of OMP Racing, an Italian company that turned itself in a real center of motorsports excellence.

From the relationship with Senna, Berger and Schumacher to the research over lighter and high‐performance

materials and to the steps in safety made with ideas like the stronger‐than‐steel Dyneema safety harness