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Prototype Tatuus car shows how Italy is still

home of some of the world's most excellent

motorsport companies».

Your customer base is known for their

absolute attention to detail. How did the

driver necessities change over the years?

«The constant performance improvement is

reached by reducing the weight and improving

the comfort. These are the main driver

requirements. They need light and comfortable

products without compromising on the best

safety standards. If we managed to produce the

smallest and lightest fire extinguishers in

motorsport history, we have also been

experiencing a notable success with our

underwear line fitted with an integrated cooling

system. Thanks to our patented "dry‐system" the

driver is enabled to reach better performance


A star performer

since 1973

OMP is a world‐leading company in the

design and production of accessories for

karting and motorsport. Founded back in

1973 in Genoa, the company has grown

consistently thanks to the success of their

products. Today OMP is one of the few

operations in the world to offer a

complete range of safety products for car

and kart competition to drivers and

teams, also for car assembly: from suits to

gloves, helmets, shoes and protections.

The first official OMP product has been a

roll‐bar for the Fiat 500, and from that

point on, the OMP products were chosen

by the winningest and most renowned

teams and drivers including Ayrton

Senna, Michael Schumacher, Gerard

Berger, Nigel Mansell, Tommy Makkinen,

Juka Kankkunen, Carlos Sainz. The OMP

products are now part of many world‐

class competitions. In February 2008, the

control of OMP was assumed by Gruppo

SAYE s.p.a. owned by the Delprato

brothers from Genoa.

Tough question: Senna or Schumacher? Who

is the most important driver in your brand's


«They are both legends that lived in two

different eras of motorsport... and also in OMP

history. They both have been so great that it's

impossible to chose. But we're proud that both

of them decided to chose OMP».

In racing, it's inevitable to talk about safety.

What has been the most important

contribution by OMP, starting from the

famous Berger episode?

«OMP covers all the aspects of safety

in auto racing, and all of them has a key

importance. What counts more, a firesuit, a seat,

an helmet, a safety belt of a fire extinguisher?

For us, every time a driver exits from

a potentially serious crash unscathed

is an enormous success».