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When did you start racing?
"I started racing when I was 7 years old".
In which category on which car?
"It was kid kart".
I guess that you surname weighed on
your choices about racing, yet how
much of your passion there has been
in it?
"There was no pressure from my family for
me to start racing. My dad gave me a kid
kart for my birthday and I would ask him
every week to go practice. I loved it, and
that’s how it started".
Why did you choose Formula Renault
2.0 alps?
"It’s a very competitive championship with a
strong grid of cars. And we are doing a
couple rounds of the championship so I can
learn and prepare for next year".
Why did you choose this team and are
you getting on well with them?
"I race with MGR in the Protyre Formula
Renault in the UK and we are currently
leading the championship. MGR also
wanted to move up to European
championships so we decided to do one or
two races and it’s going great, they are a
very good team".
What are your goals?
"My goal is like almost any other driver,
which is to be a F1 world champion one
day. But it is very difficult just to get to F1 so
for now I have to concentrate on what I am
doing and take everything step by step".
What do you think about the
championship? Is it difficult?
"Yes it’s a very difficult championship, there
are many good drivers with experience so it
has been good for me to learn and gain
experience as well".
What are expecting in next two
"Well I am not sure if I am doing the next
two rounds, but if I do I expect them to be
difficult. As the championship is coming to
an end drivers that are going for the
championship will be fighting for every point
they can get".
Where do you live?
"My family lives in the United States but
when I am racing I live in the UK, by
Is it Motorsport your goal in life?
"Yes motorsport is my ultimate goal in life, I
love racing and I am working on making a
career out of it".
After races in Monza did you speak to
grandpa Emerson?
"Yes I spoke to my grandfather.
He was happy with the result,
and happy that I am learning and gaining
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